Dancer/Choreographer based in Los Angeles


MAHO UDO, 有働真帆


Choreography by

: Maho Udo & Misha Gabriel

If I Ever Fall In Love Michael Jackson - Heartbreaker -

: Felix "FeFe" Burgos

No Filter- Chris Brown | Choreographed by - Felix "FeFe" Burgos

Sensei | FeFe Burgos

: Devon Rerri

Will.I.Am - "Bang Bang" Choreography by Devon Perri Justin Timberlake - " Body Count" - Devon Perri Choreography

: Misha Gabriel

Misha Gabriel Choreo - Latch ( remix ) Misha Gabriel - "Down the road" Misha Gabriel - "Nobody's Business"

: Jared Grimes

Jared Grimes Choregraphy "Nobody" by Ne-yo Jared Grimes Choreography "Man Of The House" by Fantasia Jared Grimes Choreography Jared Grimes Choreo to Dirty Money-Strobe Lights Jared Grimes Choreo to Brandy-I Thought

: Maho Udo

TOSHI DAVIDSON & MAHO UDO CHOREOGRAPHY | JUSTIN BIEBER - WHAT DO YOU MEAN? Maho Udo Class (She Came To Give It To You) Gimme what i don't know / Justin Timberlake Maho Udo solo performance at Broadway Underground "the REMIX" Maho Udo Freestyle solo @ Broadway Underground "the Remix"
MAHO Free style 2009 w/ Chemical Brothers MAHO 2009 music by Art of Noise

The Doppelganger / Maho & Kensuke Choreographed by MAHO


- Off The Record

Jason Derulo Performs 'Wiggle' (feat. Snoop Dogg) Jason Derulo Performs 'Trumpets' Jason Derulo Performs 'Talk Dirty' ft 2 Chainz Live

- Jingle Bell Ball 2013

Jason Derulo - Talk Dirty (Jingle Bell Ball 2013) Jason Derulo - Trumpets (Jingle Bell Ball 2013) Jason Derulo - The Other Side (Jingle Bell Ball 2013) Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say (Jingle Bell Ball 2013)


Stevie Wonder "All I do" by AmountBoyz Chris Brown "Beautiful People" dance by AmountBoyz AmountBoyz Run the Night (B.B.KIng) AmountBoyz Hip Hop Dance Promo StreetKing

Award Shows

Taylor Swift - IDSB Live at the AMAs 2018 Justin Timberlake - CAN'T STOP THE FEELING! (89th Academy Awards Performance) CHRIS BROWN - iHeartRADIO Music Awards 2016 JASON DERULO - Wiggle & Talk Dirty - Teen Choice Awards 2014 JASON DERULO - Billboard Music Awards 2014 ft. Justin Bieber 'That Power' Billboard Music Awards 2013 Gangnam Style - PSY ft. MC Hammer - American Music Awards 2012


Meghan Trainor for Skechers Originals commercial HomeStreet Bank "Dance Fight" Super Bowl Commercial 60s HomeStreet Bank "Dance Fight" Super Bowl Commercial 30s The Mentos® teaser short movie for "JUICY JUICY" The Making of "Mentos®Duo Soda Assort" CM
JSDA Dance CUP - 2012 TV CM Japan Street Dance Association TV CM Wells Fargo Flash Mob -Times Square Optimum Triple Play - "Adventure"

Music Video

- Official video

Taylor Swift - ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco)

Austin Mahone - Why Don't We

Jason Derulo, LAY, NCT 127 Let's Shut Up & Dance

CNCO - Pretend
Taylor Swift "New Romantics" official music video
Gwen Stefani "Make Me Like You" official music video Jason Derulo "Trumpets" official music video Jason Derulo "Trumpets" official music video Jason Derulo "WiggleWiggleWiggle" official Pre-video Madonna "CELEBRATION" official music video
Contagious Love from "Shake It Up: I ♥ Dance" official music video LUARA - "FIRE IN ME" official music video Cerrone (feat. Adjana)- Good Times I'm In Love official music video Jussie Smollett ft. Waterz "Get Em Up" official music video Derin Togar "Dokun" official music video

- Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes with Meghan Trainor for Skechers Behind the Scenes of Gwen Stefani's Live Commercial! Jason Derulo "Trumpets" Music Video Behind The Scenes Jason Derulo Rehearses For Dancing With The Stars 2013 with Jason Derulo's Choreographer
Making of "LUARA - FIRE IN ME" music video LUARA Rehearses For FIRE IN ME music video